Garden Centre

Find quality plants & gardening supplies paired with expert advice in our garden centre.

Sourcing your plants and gardening supplies from a quality supplier is essential to your planting success. We are proud to offer high-quality plants and gardening supplies paired with expert advice to help our customers bring their garden ideas to life. That’s what makes the difference between Johnston’s garden centre and other garden retailers.

Johnston's garden Centre

Regular Workshops

At Johnston’s Greenhouse, we understand that gardening can be intimidating for the novice gardener. We want to establish a learning partnership with our guests to make gardening less intimidating. Throughout the year we will have several workshops that focus on the latest trends in gardening and the most sought after advice. We offer a relaxing environment and encourage laughing, learning and growing. Our workshops include Terrarium Gardens, Succulent Gardens, Fairy Gardens, Square Foot Gardening, and Spring Container Gardening.

Large Selection, Friendly Staff, Happy Customers

Johnston’s garden centre is set up in a way that provides an easy shopping experience. From novice gardeners and new homeowners all the way to experienced gardeners with big plans. Everything is easy to find and if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, our staff are always happy to help. As a family-run business in Peterborough, our staff are active gardeners in the community. We are here to share practical advice to help build your perfect garden.