Gardening & Lawn Care

Ensure your yard looks the best it can possibly be with seasonal gardening & lawn care.

Johnston’s Greenhouse offers home and cottage owners in the Peterborough area a team of experienced landscapers. Our team is ready to trim, weed, prune, shear, plant and pull to keep your garden looking great all season. We offer one time services and ongoing scheduled maintenance for gardening and lawn care. As a quality garden centre, our maintenance customers can choose from a wide range of perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs for their garden. Enjoy coming home to new, seasonal plants in your garden, with all the hard work already taken care of.

A lawnmower performing gardening and lawn care services.

Scheduled lawn cutting, cleanup, and trimming

Keep your lawn looking fresh and lush throughout the year without the hassles. Whether you own a rental property, seasonal cottage, or home in the city, our lawn care experts will keep your lawn in perfect condition.

Contact us to discuss our lawn care services.