A Message From Chris

One of my favorite newsletters
to read is written by
Donald Cooper who coaches
businesses and encourages
them to get better at what they do. In one
of Donald’s newsletters Donald says, “Advertising
is creative bragging, if you’re not
doing anything worth bragging about, save
your money!”
At Johnston’s Greenhouse we have a lot
to brag about and be proud of! Our new
email newsletter will give us a chance to
share our pride with our customers and to
remind you of things you may know that we
do and surprise you with items that you did
not know. My column will give you a weekly
dose of value added propositions that are
parts of Johnston’s Greenhouse. My goal
is to inform and educate the readers of
this column with my vision of Johnston’s
I am always happy to hear from current
customers and future customers. If you
wish to comment or ask questions about
Johnston’s Greenhouse my door is always
open at chris@johnstonsgreenhouse.com.
If you enjoy reading our newsletter we ask a
small favour from you. Forward our enews
to someone you know that may not be
already getting our newsletter. If they enjoy
our newsletter they can sign up at johnstonsgreenhouse.com.
We look forward to
showing you our reasons that Johnston’s
Greenhouse is worth bragging about.