Canna Lilies Storing for the winter (or) over wintering


  1. Firstly and before you dig up your Canna bulbs you must wait until after the first killing frost in the fall. With your shovel in the ground far enough to go under the bulb, gently lift the shovel and pull the bulb out of the ground.
  2. Remove soil from the bulb. If the soil as hardened on to the bulb, rinse it off with warm water.
  3. Let your bulbs dry for two to three weeks after you dig them up.
  4. Using newspaper line the bottom of a bucket placing a row of bulbs on top of the newspaper, place another layer of newspaper on the bulbs. Repeat this process until you have filled your bucket.
  5. Store the bucket uncovered in a dark, cool place. Please check the bulbs regularly to make sure they are not rotting, if you find any signs of rot cut this part out of the bulbs. Make sure temperature in the storage area does not drop below freezing so as no rot sets in, you will be able to replant the Canna bulbs!
  6. When to plant Canna’s outside, you can generally put them in at the same time you would put in your tomato plants.